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  1. If this is a rpg just copy S.P.E.C.I.A.L from Fallouts, worked well with Fallout 3 and New Vegas. If this is an arpg just copy Souls-system. Pillars-systems would work well too. I really hope this is a real rpg.
  2. Would be so cool to expand Eora-lore to "moderntimes" and/or "scifi". It would ne cool to any setting. If done well, of course. But i dont like idea stretching the Watcher any more, they should have created new protagonist to Deadfire too.
  3. Pillars-3d!!! So cool Obsidian deepens Eora-lore with different type of game. Still hope they will make old school rpg in The future too. Outer Worlds was quite disapointment, hopefully this will be much better. And most important thing of them all, they won't repeat the most unforgivable mistake you can make with rpgs...that you can hit the exp level cap in the middle of the game.
  4. For me its quite clear what went wrong with PoE 2, it is direct sequel. Many people havent completed first part so starting direct sequel feel quite uncomfortable. Situation would totally different with another hero and story. Setting and lore is so great in PoE soni really hope they will make more PoE games. We just need a another hero. Of course there were some quite derious flaws. Difficulty was balanced very poorly, games being much too easy. And on hardest difficulty levels game just start to feel like work, not challenging, just boring work. Another thing, when you playing cr
  5. I was wondering how many "level ups" there is in the game before reaching maximum. In other words what is maximum level? Never been a fan of style where characters reach levels like 50. In games like Baldur's Gate level ups were much rarer and every level up was worth of little celebration. Another thing i was wondering i couldn't find a answer, does base attributes increase during the game or on level ups. Always found it little strange when characters are many times in the end og the game or just raised their IQ three times their orginal starting point. I appreciate Dungeons and drago
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