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  1. I found rings of protection really useful for that scenario. Henchmen deal 1 damage to everyone which you can just ignore and it's only a reveal so you can keep it in hand. For bigger hits combine with sihedron medallion/armor. You still have to discard things some times, but not that many. Also remember to pass the whole turn if you don't feel like you can succeed at a henchman/villain. Out of habit I just kept going and you only lose more of the rest of the groups' cards.
  2. In case it can help track the issue, my phone is a Samsung S5 and my tablet an Nvidia shield K1 sharing the same google account. The tablet updated but the phone won't. I don't remember having this problem with other apps that share account.
  3. By the way, don't worry too much about not getting the update. You are probably better off right now as it's riddled with some nasty bugs and it has broken some things that worked (because writing unit tests is for losers). Until they fix the bug that banishes the whole hand of all characters in a party I'm not getting anywhere close. So you can safely wait for a patch or two and hope for the best.
  4. I have the game in both my tablet and my phone. I'm having the same problem as you on the phone, but not the tablet. My best guess is that for some reason the update is been set up as tablet only (probably accidentally) and the game checks for an update on its own. That's why you get the message in the game, but you can't download anything I know of tablet apps that you can't even see on the store from a phone. I didn't know this could be the case for updates, but it's the closest I've got.
  5. I know it's been asked for before, but with the latest update it's becoming extra frustrating to being required to roll to get any boon. This extra frustration comes from scenario 4 in deck 5 in which 1 location makes you recharge a card after succeeding at any roll and (more annoyingly) the location which makes you banish a different item from the one you just got when you get any item. Bye bye wand of enervation! I really needed this basic potion of basicness! Can we please have a button in some corner or something not too intrusive to avoid rolling for things we don't want? It's part
  6. I had that same thing happen to me on my solo Seelah run. To get out of that screen I had to remove the character from the party and create a new party with the character. This will let you play other scenarios with them, but in my case, which was a couple of patches ago, the character lost the reward. So I had a Seelah with no role which I had to delete. My post also got completely ignored. Fun times.
  7. Free to play games fare better when there is some interaction between players. Basically, the game is free so that it gets a nice playerbase, but has some in-app purchases that can make a portion of the players "feel superior" to the rest (being pay-to-win advantages or cosmetic items). In those games even the players that will never pay anything have some value just by playing because the paying ones will have people to play against. Some of this paying players spend astonishing amounts of money as there is generally no limit to how much you can spend on these games, or if there is it's in t
  8. My personal opinion as a Steam user would be to release it for free with no content as a demo but only having the option to buy the adventure path and characters via money, leave gold only for chests. Although just the fact that it would say Free game on steam might make some people ignore it (I know I most of the time don't pay much attention to those kind of titles because they are more likely to be moneysinks). The best approach would be to do like sentinels of the multiverse, I think. Release the whole game with the RotR bundle for 25$ and also what is now free as a Demo, so it wou
  9. My game just got stuck at the victory screen with no way of going forward or backwards. My party was solo Seelah. I fought Barl Breakbone using Impaler of thorns, used her ability to add a d6 and a blessing of Abadar. I failed and discarded my impaler to reroll. After the reroll I won. Did the hand reset and died because I didn't have enough cards to draw. So no I am in the victory screen with a dead Seelah. It looks like the game is waiting for me to get some rewards, but since there aren't any alive characters is not too sure about what to do. My PFID is 2F68B2B2B
  10. Sometimes when using Seelash's power to add 1d6 by discarding a card will change the skill you are rolling for. I can only reliably replicate the problem whenever I try to recharge her Cure spell (it always happens). It will change to whatever skill check on the NEXT card in the location deck, including the case where there is none (it will say NONE with difficulty 0). I'm playing her solo on both normal and heroic, with no permadeath nor pass & play.
  11. I just had a Sihedron Medallion from adventure 2.5 disappear. It was given to Ezren automatically when I got the reward card and when rebuilding the deck, I moved it to the pool, since he already had the one form 1.5. I changed card type tab to tune the rest of his deck and when I went to the item tab on a different character, the medallion was no longer in the pool. Edit (more info): No permadeath nor pass & play. Normal difficulty level. Other characters were Amiri, Harsk and Lini
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