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  1. I've always been a fan of quarantining dead-horse-beating discussions into their own thread. This seems a perfect candidate - ossified opinions on both sides, nobody on either side is going to change anyone else's mind, nobody on either side is going to contribute anything fresh to the discussion. And yet a number of people want to keep on shouting at each other about it. Just quarantine it.
  2. GamerGaters love to think of themselves as Libertarian Liberals. There's nothing Liberal about them, though, and their Libertarian stance is about as developed as a child throwing a tantrum because mummy or daddy tells them to do their chores.
  3. Right-wingers are terrified of any opinion that they disagree with. That's why they're always so desperate to silence opposing voices, whether by insults like "feminazi" or just by going straight to rape and death threats. Basically they're scared that people will find the opinions persuasive. e.g. someone says that "The Limerick" was in really poor taste; Obsidian think about this, agree, and decide to remove it from the game. How to avoid this? Shout down the people you disagree with before anyone can find them persuasive. The right wing has always been pro-censorship, pro-blind-obedience, anti any dissenting voice, and #gamergaters etc. are just another manifestation of this.
  4. I feel like I scammed Obsidian by only paying $20 (Kickstarter early backers tier) for a game that I'm enjoying every bit as much as the previous Infinity Engine games, all of which I paid full box price for.
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