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  1. Strange, mine worked. Maybe a stupid question: have you guys tried to restart Steam? Mine was instantly in the library. Maybe it's a geographical problem?
  2. Does anyone have an idea, when the beta is starting? Can't wait to test the game and then finally play it, when released. :D
  3. The backing page now works fine. And so I spent some extra money for the digital addon and the beta access... It's the first time I'm paying 25 bucks to play a beta, but this is to support you guys. So don't disappoint me
  4. Yeah, it is getting slammed right now. Darren is on the case and it should be back up shortly. Let's hope so ^^ Hope it doesn't take eternity :D
  5. Hmmm strange... whenever I click on the "backers portal" link... I'm getting a blank page. Strange...
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