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  1. Sure, but character were competent with weapons even without a need for a talent. But roleplaying aspect is important to keep in mind. Even if character didn't HAVE to pick a talent to use certain weapons or certain weapons combinations, if in majority player's head it felt bad to use dual wielding daggers on their rogue without picking dualwielding talent it is important, even if mechianically it was completely irrelevant. I am surprised Josh came around so easily. Looking forward how it will all work in later patches. I think this is really the crux of the argument. Everyone is used to being able to specialize in a fighting style (regardless of class) to get better at using your desired weapons. I felt the same way with my rogue - I was shocked when I realized I couldn't take a dual wielding talent. And yet, my rogue was super powerful without that talent, so in the end I was perfectly happy not having that talent. I think (and I could be wrong, please correct me if I am) that the majority of people don't want the weapon style talents because it feels good to specialize, not necessarily because they felt like their character wasn't as they envisioned. In old school dnd, the proficiency talents (especially dual wielding) were extremely necessary to make your character able to bit anything. However, in PoE2 there are no inherent restrictions on different weapon styles, so I don't think that the weapon style talents are necessary for all classes.
  2. Honestly, yeah I think that's how it should be. Maybe it's the bg2 fanatic in me, but I think that if a wizard wants access to the highest level spells in the game they should have to forego melee capability to do this. That's the beauty of the multiclass system - a single class wizard has a very well defined role, and if you want a wizard that is good at melee then you have to give up some of the late game wizard powers.
  3. is still beta, but am actual surprised obsidian pulled the trigger so fast. people cannot know what choices they have in deadfire. is not good design, but maybe the developers think it is good business. It's week one of beta and the game is not out for at least 6 months. Relax, if it sucks they can change it again, plenty of time. A huge part of game design (or any design) is iteration. If they just leave everything the same for the whole length of the beta then it's just a fake "Beta" like AAA studios do these days (which is just an early demo). And I think if it makes people feel more in control of their character's archetypes then it is good design. game is current scheduled to be released by end of 2018 first quarter... 4 months at most. could run longer depending on how smooth is the beta, and Gromnir almost invariably guesses longer rather than shorter... which is why we managed to guess closest to actual poe release date in the s'posed official release date thread. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66536-guess-the-release-date/?p=1470995 is too early for us to guess if deadfire is on schedule. give us a couple build releases and then we will give a serious prediction. even so, is current an approx 4 month release... which is also why we predicted the deadfire beta would begin late november 2017. similar window when looking at initial announced late 2014 release date for poe. 4 months. *shrug* so, what if obsidian does the obvious and increases all adversary deflection and health to counter the increase in weapon efficacy o' all classes? from a practical pov, weapon power is currently much more effective than offensive spells. based on our play o' deadfire, weapon effectiveness clear didn't need a boost from a balancing pov. so it makes sense to balance new proficiency tiers by increase all enemy resistance to weapons. end result is players got 0 net gain in power, and by needing utilize the tiered weapon proficiency talents to keep pace with stronger foes, players would actual lose customization opportunities by functional giving up a broader range o' weapon proficiencies. feels or not, players would actual have less customization options. sure, most folks wouldn't realize they had been duped, but options would actual be reduced. am all for making changes during the beta, but less than one week? am also a bit less enthusiastic 'bout obsidian response to fan feedback during the beta than most. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71242-interview-with-josh-sawyer-tomorrow-thursday-the-19th-at-8-pm-est-on-my-twitch-channel/?p=1589870 am thinking obsidian gots great feedback during the years after the release o' poe, but the poe beta feedback, when looked at with the benefit o' hindsight, were a mess, and as often as not led to the diminution o' the game. so less than a week passes and instead o' the broad universal options people claimed they were wanting, obsidian struck at the heart o' the matter (as Gromnir insinuated earlier) and is providing a functional boost to the potential weapon powha of all classes... and the people rejoiced, not realizing that their approval were little more than a tacit admission o' their desire for a handful o' specific poe power talents from the very start. huzzah. HA! Good Fun! I love everything about this post. Kinda bummed that things seem to have worked out this way. I don't foresee this helping with the issue of single class characters not having enough options, but will instead just make a weapon style or weapon focus mandatory for every class to take :/ That being said, I still have faith in the designers, and I don't think this will make or break the game, just change the flavor a bit.
  4. This is what I am thinking while reading posts in the beta threads. As a non-beta tester and a big fan of the Pillars 1 system (by far the best system for party-based crpgs ever, imho) I'd like to ask the beta -testers: In general, do you believe the new system is better, worse or just as good as the old, just doing things differently? Personally, I think that it's just different. I think change is scary. For instance, coming from a background of the old IE games, there were several things about POE1 that I was really nervous about (such as health/endurance, etc), but those turned out really well. In a similar sense, I was a little worried about the change from POE 1 --> 2. However, I have had a blast playing so far and I'm confident that the changes will turn out just as fun as POE 1.
  5. Hi all, I'm new to the forums, but really enjoyed POE 1 and was excited to back Deadfire. I haven't finished the beta yet, but I thought I would contribute because I am so jazzed about this game. I also think I may have slightly different opinions than some others on the board here, so I thought it might be good for Obsidian to see some different opinions. The game is just gorgeous. Everything feels alive. When I got to the waterfall area and saw the parallax from looking off the cliff I swooned. I have never seen anything like that in an IE style game before - just incredible. I also love the resting/idle animations. I think most would agree that the graphics are improved around the board. A couple of things that I was nervous about but ending up really enjoying: 1. 5-person party. With the number of active skills in the game, 5 characters feels like enough, and certainly keeps me occupied giving orders in combat. 2. Wound system. When POE1 came out, I was also worried that the health/endurance mechanic wouldn't work well, but I ended up really liking it. When I saw that you regain health after every combat, I was worried about Deadfire. My primary concern was that it would feel too gamey, and that getting knocked out in a fight wouldn't matter and would reduce the tactical necessity of each encounter. And yet, because the wounds are so devastating, it really makes it worth it to keep every member conscious for every fight! So far I really enjoy this, and it kind of raises the stakes when sending my already squishy rogue into an encounter with 2 wounds. 3. Per-encounter spells/ abilities. I was a bit nervous about this, because casting spells can start to feel really spammy when you get them back after every encounter. However, with the longer cast times, I felt like I needed to be more strategic with my spell choices, and I wasn't simply spamming my Arcane Blast + 1st level spell every single fight (looking at you, POE1). 4. Empower ability. I was concerned that this wouldn't feel impactful, but I think it turned out really neat. I was in a life-or death situation with my rogue and needed to get the killing blow on a Lagufaeth, so I empowered my next ability and managed to eke out a victory. Very satisfying. Regarding universal talents: I'm currently playing a single class Rogue (Assassin) and it feels good. Sure, I kind of wanted the dual wielding feat (because my rogue has always had a dual wielding feat, since playing D&D when I was young) but at the same time, he didn't feel under-powered without it. So, in general I think the passive abilities being unique is really good, although it's obvious there needs to be some tuning (such as the Stalker sub-class). There is some other great feedback regarding combat speed, armor penetration, etc, which I think are valid concerns. Anyway, that's all for now - gonna head over to Poko Kohara!
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