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  1. FIGURED IT OUT, or at least, I have found at least one way to trigger the cutscene. You have to do something with the guards outside the throneroom first - you either have to unlock the throneroom door (it's locked initially) or unlock the door and engage the guards outside in combat and kill them all. I didn't do sufficient testing to determine at which point exactly the quest is able to be triggered. What I did - I snuck in through the scriptorium stairs, unlocked the throneroom door, killed the guards outside that door, then went back into the throneroom and killed Raedric. Upon doing
  2. It looks like the issue might be clearing out the baddies on the other side of the throne room door first, which I didn't do because I got in through the back stairs of the scriptorium. Later tonight I'm going to try that before confronting Raedric. Has anybody tried that?
  3. I've just run into the same issue. Here's a screenshot of how close Raedric is: http://i.imgur.com/YKPLcWM.jpg He seems pretty close to the throne... I'm also in Act II, and I attacked Raedric without accepting his offer to return and kill Kolsc. EDIT: I've now tried a few different things: I've tried accepting his offer to kill Kolsc, and then changing my mind and killing Raedric directly on the throne. Still no luck. Hopefully this bug gets addressed in next week's patch...
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