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  1. Situation: Eorn is a wanted man and if you confront him about it you get 4 ways to deal with him: 1: Promise to keep it secret, 2: Give him 300 money, 3: Turn him in or 4 Attack If you promise to keep it secret, you will have an option to brought up the subject again: "We need to talk about..." If you do so, you only get options of 1: Give him 300 money, 2: Turn him in or 3 Attack. There's no option to back down from conversation. The situation hasn't changed in any way, but the options have.
  2. I think part of the problem is that there isn't any diminishing returns for having extreme stats. 18 might as twice as good as the 9 might and costs twice as much. Why not maximise stats you want and leave rest as 3? Extreme strategies are "generally" much more succesful than generalist. Having higher levels cost more (18 being 3x more expensive than 9) or having it being "only" 50% better than 9 would encourage spreading points between stats. Otherwise I can't see reason to not put 18 con on close-combat guys AND 3 for mages/archers.
  3. I don't have problem with most of the weird terms. Biggest exception: Kith! Why would people use that instead of People or some other common world describing your own ingroup of "civilized races"?
  4. Instead of large 3d-models in character creation, why not have multiple small ones? When Choosing race, it could show all Races with subgroups. When Choosing culture, it could show all the options at the same time! Side-by-side comparison could make choosing hair/beard style easier.
  5. Couldn't this just be done by QUEST: Escape the Caves? You'd get same reward, whether you kill all shades, run/sneak like a headless rogue or dialog them to let you pass.
  6. You are being deprived of any character progression for a days worth of playing a game, as to why that is bad, well it railroads you in to doing quest to have character progression at all, ie. it removes choice from you. Everything is pretty much explained and discussed in this thread already: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67140-experience-point-system-in-the-beta-and-onwards/ How on earth is kill-XP any different from your complain. You have to slaughter anything that moves, otherwise you are denied character progression. It forces you to be murderhobo, instead of playing qu
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