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  1. Just adding my voice in disappointment here. Loved the game and supporting its creation was worth the price of admission, but the map was the one additional item that I was truly excited for. I'd like to see an Obsidian response, even if it is just an explanation and apology. They know the maps sucked.
  2. Still no update from BAdler about the post-kickstarter tiers mapped out? Hope to hear back on this soon!
  3. As stated above:Digital Pack: Soundtrack, Collector Book, Behind the Scenes - $35.00 - Hero Edition Not sure that "pack" and "download" are the same thing, which is why I asked. All I'm listed as getting in the backer portal is "digital download of the game", not the other stuff. Hmmmm.... Not sure then if the portal says you're only getting the game. Was that after the prices initially went up then? I wish I could go back and see the backing levels (post-kickstarter) but it appears I can only look at my own. Not sure if they're archived somewhere?
  4. As stated above: Digital Pack: Soundtrack, Collector Book, Behind the Scenes - $35.00 - Hero Edition
  5. Cool, glad to know that we'll get our keys before release day. Can you tell us if backers will get keys appropriate to their pledge tiers? We are giving people Steam editions that we have matched to their tiers. On Monday I will make a post showing the different mappings. Also, everyone will be able to download their rewards from our backer portal, as well. Hey Badler, Monday is over its Tuesday now and I can not find your post showing the different mappings. And I am still not able to download my rewards from the backer portal. How long does it take until we see your new post that should be on Monday already? ) Sorry about that. I completely forgot to post it. I will post it when I get to work today because I don't have the spreadsheet in front of me. Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'
  6. I believe all of the physical levels come with a digital copy. The issue is if, like me, you thought that would get you two copies of the game on launch day for yourself and another person. I'm hoping that will be addressed. With that said, I am extremely happy that it sounds like the timeline for pushing out physical goods will be far faster than it was with InXile's Wasteland 2. I still see people posting that they finally just received their copy.
  7. If there is going to be a delay on the physical cd, I'd like to see physical backers receive 2 digital copies. I personally pledged at a level that would enable me and a friend to both play the game at launch, and now it sounds like one of us will have to wait a significant amount of time or we'll have to buy an additional copy. Other than that, everything looks awesome!
  8. If physical goods are severely delayed like Wasteland 2, do those backers get a digital key so they can play or do they have to sit on their hands unless they want to pay extra for an additional key? I got an edition with both, but I'd like you use my physical copy while giving my digital key to a friend rather than use both.
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