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  1. I noticed that Shared Pain does not seem to be dealing damage over time as expected, it might be because it doesn't seem to have a tick rate for the raw damage. Most DoTs would have something like 12 raw damage per 3 seconds for 9 seconds, but Shared Pain just has 12 raw damage for 9 seconds.
  2. I noticed several enemies that have hidden resistances or immunities, these are all NPCs. For example Gulfaryc in the Subterranean Temple seems to have resistance to perception afflictions, and an animal companion in the same encounter has resistance to intellect afflictions. Neither of those resistances are visible when you hover over them. (blinding strike here is causing the disoriented affliction instead of the blind affliction) Magranite Champions in the Steel Preacher bounty also have hidden poison immunity.
  3. I noticed that my Watcher's Noxious Burst and Malignant Cloud spells do significantly more damage than when Aloth casts them, and my Watcher has high alchemy, so I figured that must be the cause.
  4. In the beta, I noticed the mercenary priest's radiance getting a bonus from the Watcher's dispositions.
  5. I came to report this too. I'm 99% sure it's because it has the Gaze keyword, but the Blinded condition gives immunity to Gaze attacks, so it ends up instantly negating itself.
  6. If there are still things getting fixed, any chance Fine Breastplate on female characters gets a look? The right forearm clips through the model
  7. - The Rogue's Coordinated Positioning can trigger retaliation-type attacks when used on allies. - As far as I can tell, the Distracted condition does not allow for Deathblows (but works for regular sneak attack). - The Fighter's Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery talents don't seem to work for unarmed combat. - When fighting the monks at the abbey, I noticed that some of the status effects they cause (-10 to defenses from Flagellant's Path, -2 might from Torment's Reach), don't seem to count as negative effects, and are extended when an afflicted character attacks using Spell
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