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  1. Ok, now I actually completed "Dim Prospects". ) After that, Atsura said the Hazanui wanted to see me (for a new quest in Sayuka). The Hazanui no longer said that Atsura wants to see me. Not sure, what Atsura possibly wanted and what I did miss.
  2. I completed the "Dim Prospects" Quest and the situation remains the same. Another small oddity is that on the "Imperial Command - Lower" map the markers for jail and barracks are double, the marker for kitchen is on a weird position in the wall. Another glitch I found is that, after Hasongo, Queen Onekaza sends me to Ori o Koiki (Fruitfull Alliance) because I was so successful dealing with the Wahiki at Motare o Kozi (The Last Santuary?), but I wasn't even there yet. Edit: Sorry, I mixed that up. It was Maias Quest that I completed, not "Dim Prospects".
  3. I'm having the same problem. Finished Hasongo and Sayuka, havn't done "Dim Prospects" yet. I noticed that everytime I enter the imperial command a "you have achieved something" soundeffect is triggered.
  4. If someone could make a watercolour version of me, I would appreciate that very much!
  5. Finally I have the box in my hands. ) Almost all items have a nice quality, I really like the gaming cards. I'm dissapointed with the cloth map, though. It is so blurry, you can't read a thing. Is this normal?
  6. My frustration is growing, too. I would appreciate some information about what is going on with the delivery.
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