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  1. I’d do it backwards I like fighter as damage dealer off tanks and Paladins as the tank. Fighters get better deflection but that’s it, Paladins with full Faith and Conviction get way higher Fort, reflex and will which is much more important, especially fort. If you are disabled how much deflection you have is irrelevant and Paladins are way better at avoiding CC. Fighter is also a better DPSer with thins like Disciplined Barrage and Weapon Masteries. With Charge they will beat a Paladin with Sacred Immolation in DPS. Whatever you decide either will work though. Not a bad idea, might sh
  2. Thanks for all the input! Think I got my head wrapped around the skill changes now. Any general tips on how to build companions? I am planning Eder as tank (do I need to spec how many he can engage with, what weapons?), Pallegina as offtank/dps (Estocs?), Durance as buff/heal, Aloth as blast wizard (seems like rods are good for that, with the level 3 spell as well), and my main as a ranged Cipher dps (got a fair idea of how to build that). Last position I am unsure what to bring, maybe the chanter, or grieving mother since she was an interesting character.
  3. Thanks! I might have read the wrong wiki it appeared, found the real one now (just some bad googling on my part) Sounds like good advice, might as well have my Aloth do something with another skill than lore since he is gonna fling spells and blast anyways. The cross talents did seem interesting, the accuracy aura one seemed pretty good too.
  4. Hi! I have not played through Pillars since it first released, and now with all the changes I am a bit in the blue on how to spec my characters skills etc. Used to be having about 3 in athletics skill was the way to go, but now it seems you only really need 1 if you want a small heal? I am playing on hard and trying to figure out what I really need as a baseline for all my companions (only the story ones I will use, with at least Eder, Aloth, Pallegina and Durance, last one I will have to see). Is there anything else that is good to know now? Something to keep an eye out for whe
  5. saber all day Interesting. Guess it goes well with the Ruffian spec if you want a ranged weapon as fallback as well. I would have thought some of teh faster weapons to get mroe focus quicker was good.
  6. I too goofed a bit here, forgot to add almanac and expansion option to my pledge
  7. EDIT: Seems all is OK, so disregard I am supposed to have: Pillars of Eternity Backer BadgeSilver Backer Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter BadgeKickstarter Backer according to my profile. I was admittedly a little bit late to the official kicstarter, but I did get in on slacker backer some time ago! And jsut today upgraded to Digital Collector's Edition.
  8. So it seems I goofed, I got my Digital Collector's Edition bakcr thingy, but forgot to add teh expansion download and teh alamnac. Is it possible to add those tow later wihtout having to pledge anew?
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