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  1. It really doesn't matter to me one way or another. Sadly, I'm 40 with two small kids, so it might be a few weeks before I get to do more than oogle the physical stuff and install the game. That's obviously not the case with most players, so you guys should do what you think will please the most people. My preference probably would be to get it later with a 1.0 version, but really, within a few weeks, there's probably going to end up being patches anyway, so whether I am patched from some sub 1.0 version on day one or a 1.0 version a few weeks later, its no big deal in the long run.
  2. This is not intended. The mouse scroll wheel should only affect the UI interface you are currently working within. Could you see if you can attach a save file with the issue? I don't believe this is part of our database yet and it appears that it is not affecting everyone, so there are likely steps to cause it to occur. Save files should be located at: C:\Users\ (USER NAME) \AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\Saves I am having this issue as well, so attaching a save file. I also have an issue where sometimes the scroll wheel works to fast, as in, I'm try
  3. Had it happen on mine as well. Specs of my machine attached, playing full screen. PC Specs.txt
  4. Ran into minor bug right at the beginning. On the options screen, when I go from Aut-Pause to Game, Graphics or Control, the title of the buttons disappears. It appears for Controls. This was at the initial screen before I even started a game. PC Specs.txt
  5. Wh-What? ... No, the pledge tier/packages don't work that way. For a Wasteland 2 key, I'm pretty sure you had to have selected a tier that included it during the Kickstarter. Maybe - just maybe, if you backed during the kickstarter and haven't finalized your pledge, you can still select a Kickstarter tier that includes it, and pay the difference. I'm pretty sure none of the post-kickstarter tiers (which are now available on backer portal) include Wasteland 2. It's not available as an add-on, either. Kinda makes sense - WL2 is made by inXile, not Obsidian. (Different publisher, too.) Thank
  6. Hi! this may have been answered in the previous 10 pages, but I looked through and didn't see it. I backed at $140 because I wanted the collector's box. $165 gets the Wasteland 2 key. Since I was planning on buying Wasteland 2 anyway, an extra $25 seems like a pretty good deal! So do Add-on's count towards getting to that $165? Can you just make a pledge? The expansion pack add on is $20, but that would only get me to $160. Thanks!
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