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  1. A battery runs out. An enchantment doesn't, hence capacitors that recharge. The 3 examples were all separate reasons why hit-speed would affect on-hit effects, the point wasn't that all would be used simultaneously to explain why speed affects on-hit effects. And the reason why attack-speed should affect on-hit effects is obvious if you ask me. A enchantment that can deliver 5x10damage/second is quite a bit more powerful than a enchantment that delivers 1x10damage/second. Just think of it like it was physics. One has significantly more energy than the other, so it should be much more valuable/
  2. "Or, as you put it, why is it okay for base damage to differ purely because attack speed, but not for any other quantifiable effects to differ for the same reason?" No, it is not okay for base damage to differ purely because attack speed. Does that answer your question? There are a couple of rationales why attack speed would affect on hit effects. Imagine that the weapon has a capacitor where the effect is charged on to. Recharge speed and capacitor is dependent on the strength of the enchantment, the stronger the enchantment the faster the recharge & larger the capacitor. So s
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