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  1. To question 5, none of them would hugely factor in my decisions because if its an Obsidian game and I love it, then I'm buying it. To question 9, I only play two of these genres (three if you squint), do I really have to rank all of them? For a bonus round. White March was awweeesssoooommmmmeeeee. BUT I agree with the OP in that the transition b/w Main Game and White March was too abrupt and jerky. I had trouble with justifying why my character would go on such a long trek with their soul in peril (hello Maerwald) and while on an already important quest. It would have been better, imo, if the hook was something about following a trail where one could stave off the coming insanity of being Awakened to justify the time spent. Like if you were doing something similar with Deadfire, I would urge a compelling hook like finding a super magical cannon that you could strap to your ship and blow Eotha's head off with it, even if it turns out said cannon doesn't exist. I know White March tried a hook with Leaden Key agents but it was not compelling enough to prompt me to drop everything and go after them. Also it bothered me that I had to be mindful of Stronghold business while being far away. Soooo annnoooyyyiiinnngggg! But I imagine this won't be so much of an issue since we have much more manageable stronghold now.
  2. I like trash mobs, like people said its good fun practise to test out strategies. But sometimes I found the trash mobs in White March to be too grueling, specifically the ghost ones in Durgan's Battery and the Ondrites in the Abbey.
  3. Perhaps some subclasses can be about utilising some aspects of Animancy? In the case of a wizard subclass, there can be a necromancer subclass since there is some overlap between necromancy and animancy.
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