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  1. Would a proper tricorne be out of the question? Or is that a little too overtly 18th century for PE?
  2. That is original concept art for Project Eternity. Are there still plans to include guns and possibly other technology in the game or was it just an idea? Gunpowder! Awesome. Muskets are the best excuses to play a ranged class of character.
  3. Dragon Age 1 solved this with a template system for casting. Surely that would be an option.
  4. I sort of feel this way as well, and that's not a good thing. Pickpocket as a skill never seems to have enough utility in these sorts of games. The juice is never worth the squeeze, except for like one specific NPC per game, and even then there's usually a dozen alternatives.
  5. There's a few specific things you look for in a good NPC, and these are all found in the games topping the list (especially BG and Planescape: Torment) +Humour Almost everyone enjoys a good laugh, and a character who can bring some levity and comic relief to what is probably a serious storyline makes for a nice addition. It helps cut down on the severity of everything, and gives you time to appreciate to game world as more than just a list of things to be destroyed. Characters that try too hard to be funny rarely are, but characters with amusing personalities are endlessly entertaining
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