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  1. @Sarex, @Sensuki Not sure how discussing about gameplay mechanics of Dota, Dota 2, League of Legend is relevant to the topic at hand (which is the UI).
  2. (The in-game level image bugged me to donate to the project via paypal, I have sold my soul to Project Eternity) Looks great, I'll play the game right out of the box if the visuals are the same. (I am a bit of a visual addict and am not sure of unity engines capabilities) Trivial details:- - I am missing depth perception of Static BG vs 3D rendered models, Blob shadows shadows perhaps looks good if its not viable to have real time shadows from multiple light sources? Fancy stuff:- - (Another?) Light map on the the 3D models perhaps, derived from the static lights placed on the scene. So that the lighting on the character models are cohesive against the environment's lighting and not stick out. Find a needle on Mars (exorbitant stuff) - Baking textures on 3D models to fake ambiance or self shadowing, especially the shields.
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