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  1. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but nothing seems to work, I've downloaded it through Steam, and it goes to update then steam tells me there's either no space on my hard drive (200GB free), at other times it claims there's a disk write error. Has anyone else had a similar issue? I've tried deleting the local content twice now, and to no avail.
  2. Third time lucky maybe? Still don't seem to be "Obsidian Order's Trained Ape, without the training" maybe I'm just invisible. ;( On the up side every update so far has been very interesting
  3. I just noticed I'm not on the list members list but I definitely posted in the first thread EDIT: Nor it seems am I Obsidian Order's Trained Ape, without the training :,(
  4. Just joined my ownself, even made my donation end in 88. I'm Obsidian Order's trained monkey, without the training.
  5. This is one way to look at it,though i have always belived that he died because he turned opon his master,Atcs of redemption of this kind always demands a great sacrifice. Though you must admit that Darth Bane's foolish laws works rather well compared to how it was in the old days. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe but the sith became extinct in the end of ROTJ, so it wasn't fool proof, in fact I'm amazed that that hadn't happened before then...
  6. To be brutally honest I'd have to agree that Revan must have been chosen, as he knew the exact location of the star maps and where to find them. (Although this wouldn't be a hard thing considering it is like 50 metres from the Jedi Academy...)
  7. ACtually they followed the foolish laws of Darth Bane that stated that there can only be 2 sith lords, Palpatine was chosen by his master, and he chose, Maul, then Tyranus, and finally Vader. SO they were technically Sith.
  8. Hmm how does one get levels here? Considering I have no idea what levels are...
  9. vader didn't single handedly kill all the jedi, for one their numbers were stretched thin from the clone wars, and number two vader had the help of the clone troopers...emperor palpatine knew battle meditation? and u cant say revan isn't powerful cuz he fell on his bridge...revan was blindsided, you say palpatine was one of the most powerful force users same thing happened to him, he was distracted with luke and vader tossed his ass...and revan died from one shot cuz it was from a star cruiser for cryin out loud, let me see vader or palpatine or anyone else for that matter survive a full on sh
  10. Oh and another thing I feel that the Bioware devs were trying to present an idea that Revan was more of a sorceror than a warrior. Vader on the other hand is both a warrior and a sorcereor, he uses more powerful attacks, Vader never showed his true talents against Luke, and we see very little of the Vader vs. Obi-Wan combat. Vader has physical strength as well an insanly brilliant mind, whereas Revan is just smart. Vader actually manages to wipe out the Jedi order save from 2 (expcept other Jedi which seem to keep popping up), not just almost or causes a dint, he actually destroys the
  11. another 1000 times... no wait another 10,000 times But I do have to ask, if Vadar was such a god then how/ why is it that he was killed by the palpatine/ emperor(sp?) at the end of return of the jedi? one would think that he would have been able to easily kill palatine since he was the chosen one after all... you know the one who was to bring balance to the force and be the most powerful jedi to have ever lived??? I would have thought that he would have been able to (as you say) anticipate palpatines every move and then when the time was right kill him with the blink of an eye. <{P
  12. Vader didn't actually loose his battle with Luke, in fact if you really read into it he wins his battle, it's what Vader had been trying to do all along for both Empire Strikes Back, but he was caught off guard when he found Luke was fighting with more force than he imagined. The Return of Jedi fight could easily have been won by Vader, how easy it would have been for Vader to just kill Luke, he left himself extremly vulnerable every attack he made (over handed attacks leave the legs open for an attack), though that was not what he wanted, what he wanted was to turn his son so he could stand
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