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  1. Like the leadery paladin. The wild Orlan design looks cool, but I've always personally hoped for a wild/primal/nature-attuned displaced race that is more common near cities and not confined to the depths of some forest. Sort of like a sentient raccoon; dependent on the existence of a city for its way of life, and totally at home in an urban environment, but still not controlled by or even directly interacting with whatever race builds cities.
  2. +1 for skeuomorphic, non wire framed ui's. One of my favorite things about BG was the texture of the ui. On that note, and this is really minor, the BG spell icons were SO MUCH better than in PST. I hate the black background/neon color motif, even if it mean they're bigger and clunkier. Similar for the parchment texture for all item/journal text.
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