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  1. You're totally right OP, this matter should already be taken seriously by more developers, it can make their work preserve in time, give the user a better presentation and display just as intended. I'm afraid most gamers don't appreciate it, but it's really pitiful to be playing at 1440p a game like for example Metro Last Light, a wonderful game, with great graphics, art and textures, but with 720p 2D UI elements, it doesn't ruin the experience but prevents it to be polished. And it's like this with most contemporary games.
  2. Normally I prefer grey toned stone skeuomorphism for this kind of UI, it's more neutral and fits better no matter what the predominant scene color is. Anyway I like it, it's consistent and art is good. I'm worried about how are you dealing with higher resolutions, at 1440p many games either upscale the UI, destroying it, or keep the scale making it small and hard to read. Since the game is mostly 2D and contain a lot of rendered elements, are you working on high resolution assets?
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