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  1. I really like both of the armours here. The left one is an Turkish Sipahi (mounted archer). He is wearing an armour we call Ayna Zirh (mirror armor). The blade he is carrying is a Kilij and the axe is called Ay balta (moon axe). This kind of weaponary can be very good for the ranger/skirmisher kind of characters. I hope to see stuff like that in the game.
  2. Istanbul, Turkey. The place that you can eat Kebab and eat kebab and eat kebab and eat kebab and eat kebab and eat kebab and eat kebab...... KEBAB IS ALWAYS GOOD!
  3. Do not forget that the weapons were created to deal a killing blow, not blocking. Most of the time, soldiers used their footwork to evade the attack. Take a knife and hit against a hard object about 5 mins. Now you have a piece of steel ingot in your hands. If you keep blocking throughout the whole battle your weapon would break, crack, bend... etc. It's not a shield. They say the spear is the grandfather of all weapons. We still use the same concept today with the bayonets. So we can say that it's a very basic and practical weapon, even today. Instead of blocking the enemy attack with the weapon, you can side step and hit the guys hand or the sides of his weapon, which causes most weapons to break or bend.
  4. Drinking a bowl of hot chicken soup would be great during a quest in a snowy and cold forest. Fighting against the hypothermia is tough.
  5. I really like the Turkish armour and scimitars. So, i hope to see stuff similar to these: These are Seljuk era Turkish warriors: This is the scimitar they use called ''Kilij'' in turkish. It's not a shamshir, the shape is different. So please, no mistakes people. A demonstration of kilij from Deadliest Warrior. I like seeing European armours, claymores, warhammers, bastard swords and other stuff, but i think we should start adding some eastern culture to the military equipment. In all RPGs we always see claymore, katana and a viking axe. Where is the steppe culture and it's weapons ? I hope some of the developers consider this and give a chance.
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