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  1. Pub brawls... Anyone remember the pub brawls in Pool of radiance on the commodore/vic 64 ? And please, make the Epic weapons EPIC. Some repeatable missions/quests (yes I know some people hate them) to raise faction and such. Could be simple kill 10goblins and their shaman kind of quests, but still...
  2. The Fallout 1&2 refereces of how that wilderness map works are golden, it was a hassle to get attacked by dogs/preying mantis's every 2 metres (Im with the metric system), but it really felt like you explored the area. Everyday people dont have the knowledge of where the biggest town is, they might know its to the north, but thats it, they know to follow the roads, while 200metres into the forest is a huge ruin which noone ever goes to, cause its not on the road... You dont have time to go daytripping in that kind of life, theres always something to do or to be done. What Im trying to
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