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  1. Shapeshifting (for PE druids, it's called Spiritshift) allows druids to turn into anthropomorphized forms, with abilities that are more inspired by the emulated creature rather than literally transforming the druid into that creature. Druids will always be allowed to continue spellcasting while spiritshifted. We definitely want it to be an ability you want to use often. My only hope is that the forms take full advantage of the wide range of animals (plants, elements, etc.) and their abilities. You know, something other than the Bear>wolf>cat progression every game that has had shapeshifting has implemented. About the only example I was satisfied with in concept, though not in implementation, was in Dragonage. The Shapeshifting tree of magic, though still sporting the "Bear" component had other (in my opinion) more interesting forms. My favorite of these concepts was swarm shape which though horrible in implementation gave a unique and fresh feel to shapeshifting. Some cool concepts can have the druid that Spiritshift into a salamander/newt-type form to gain protection from water/poison and passive regeneration ability combined with some poisoning or bleeding attacks to be some sort of regen "tank-type" shift. Likewise an insect-themed shift could be more control-oriented, combining some traits such as a paralyzing sting, vampiric/caustic bite or spray, grapple>cocoon, or if more social-insect minded look something like a wasp/bee**/termite**-type with some swarm-calling oriented abilities in conjunction or independent from the others mentioned. For stealth and quick striking a shift can use a bird**-type form which darts in and out of combat and if caught uses startle or disorient type abilities to confuse/daze/blind the opponent or similarly can stealth. Granted these are some animal-centric examples, but one can imagine adding some plant** morphs with similar orientations which would greatly enhance the flavor of a true shapeshifting class and break from the monotony of Bear>wolf>cat which plagues current games. **-additional examples.
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