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  1. Welp, pledge jumped from $20 to $65 (added expansion and early beta key. I know, I know, but in the end I couldn't help myself). The expansion was a foregone conclusion for me really anyway, beta key I likely could've done without in a story based RPG but as I've said earlier, I do enjoy the beta testing process and besides, want to help out a little more even if I can't afford to go any further (or really even this far, but eh! ) I see us almost certainly making it to Stronghold level of funding, second city? Less certain, but not willing to write it off yet as last few days to a week of a KS typically do enjoy quite a surge of last minute 'Ah fuggit, I'll do it!' pledgers.
  2. As a sort-of aside to this update, is there any chance of being let in on how well the PayPal side is doing? I'm not expecting huge amounts of dollars to be there, probably even less than $100k (utter guess), but still somewhat curious since if I recall correctly, the total there will be added to the KS total for the purposes of stretch goals? Edit: lol, less than $100k, not less than $100
  3. Quite a good update, I hope we make it! I must confess to not knowing much about George Z. prior to this update -- despite seeing his name bandied about the forums a bit here as a proposed goal -- but NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer was my favourite CRPG experience in an exceptionally long time. If he can bring a touch of that to P:E... well... Damn. Lets get to spending. Expansion Addon or not I don't think I'll be able to hold back updating pledge amount for long. Budgetary stuff to be sorted tomorrow, so fits within the timeline too!
  4. It's borrowing money from Charles to pay Bill, which is a classic problem. They'd be borrowing profits and sales from the next title down the line to fund the current title's production. There's nothing to be gained that way. For you or for them. Yes, it's "more cash to the development of the main game" but that cash is coming from somewhere else. People could just as easily buy the expansion closer to release without the accounting headache. True, but incomplete. Depending on what the additional funds were able to add to the game -- be it simply additional polish or meeting another feature/content stretch goal -- then it may draw in additional purchasers at full retail than otherwise would have been the case through better reviews and the like. In which case, it becomes an investment. A gamble, impossible to quantify, but an investment nonetheless. I don't overly mind whether it becomes an addon or whether I end up purchasing at time of release, but, if it becomes an addon chances are good I'd pick it up.
  5. This is the two points of view I was considering when I said I would be surprised if it didn't happen, but also acknowledged it could be an awkward space to consider and may simply add fuel to the fire already raging in the KS comments no matter how unwarranted. Last thing I want to see is this thing go backwards -- although signs so far point to an exceptionally vocal minority with things progressing rather well despite -- so I'd understand if there were reservations about adding it. All I'm saying is -- and I don't think I'd be alone here -- despite being tight on funds, if this addon was done -- even for another $20 or even $30 -- with the understanding presented as by Rabain, I'd most certainly go for it.
  6. I don't know that that is really the case, Monte. At least, I don't think it was HHO's intent and it certainly wasn't mine in the backing I gave him. It was given and supported in the spirit of constructive criticism to see this thing do even better still. I understand that if too much is offered at the lower tiers that it reduces the incentive for those who can pledge higher to actually do so and so it is a fine balance to walk. However the feeling I get from HHO -- and one I agree with, clearly -- is that it has been weighted too cautiously in that direction and as a result, potentially a large amount of dollars from volume sales has been left on the table. That is it. All this said, I'd be somewhat surprised if an xpac addon didn't happen very shortly (well, it sort of has to happen shortly if it's going to ). I would have said exceptionally surprised, except I saw earlier in this thread a reference to the fact that none of the dollars raised in this KS would be going directly toward the xpac -- a sentiment I can get behind -- and thus it may make such an addon... awkward.
  7. Absolutely this. I realise a lot of the tempting features have been made into addons, which I appreciate. I've been quivering back and forth on whether to update to the Beta Access addon or not. For almost any other project I likely would in a heartbeat -- assuming I had the same degree of interest that I do for P:E! -- but for a narrative driven RPG, it might be doing myself a disservice. On the other hand, the beta testing process IS one I enjoy.. So yes, a tough one. One Addon I can almost garauntee pushing me over the line would be for the Expansion -- God I love proper, real, honest to God Expansions -- so please consider adding that in a day or two! But otherwise, completely agree HHO. Sure pushing for the bigger pledges is great and all, but don't underestimate the power of volume sales as well by nudging the lowest guys up even a notch or two! Reality is with a family to support I simply cannot afford nor justify jumping up as many tiers as I'd like to.. But a little extra? Well... We might be able to sort something out and find some wriggle room in the budget for it.
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