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  1. After installing the 1.05 patch, i've started a new game and noticed several problems: - All character voices are gone. All other sounds (music,sound effects,footsteps,chapter narrations, etc.) seem to be in place, but there is no voiceover whatsoever. I'm unable to hear selected voiceset during character creation, and after the game starts, there is no single voiced line out of any of the characters. - I can't pick a portrait for my character. The only thing i see is the red question sign. Same goes for recruitable NPCs , except for Calisca and Heodan. I tried to change the portrait i
  2. I love this idea and hope it gets implemented I hate this idea and hope it doesn't see the light of day. ...but I will behave if it's implemented. I don't like it either, I think it's confusing. Agreed.
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