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  1. The biggest best theory right now is Ubisoft is waiting for E3 for the big unvail. It makes some sense. Get some more best in show awards or atleast some big recognition. Personally I am getting fed up with waiting for more info. Kinda just said screw it for now and moved my money time and intrest over to defiance. Seems the better investment right now.
  2. 3 things: 1st. I hope this petition I signed goes some where. However I don't think it will. The speculation on this game and its delay has been getting increasingly negitive and Ubisoft has felt no need to do anything about it yet. 2nd. April 29th is a monday not a tuesday. I dont know why games release that way in the US but it seems to be the case. 3rd. I highly doubt this game will release this april. Between the other titles coming out this April, mostly Defiance which is making a lot of buzz. And the fact no offical word is yet out. Yeah I dont think April is the month for th
  3. I hope your right. My issue isnt that the game may take that long or longer to release. My issue is the lack of info from Ubisoft. I agree with everything you have said about this taking time and Ubisoft taking there time with it. However latly I have seen too many titles ruined by hand changing, Colonial Marines, Star Wars Battle Front 3 just to name a few. The rampant speculation needs to be qwelled. The only way to do that is to release somthing offical. Yet so far we have nothing.
  4. To be clear I am not blaming the game or Obsidian. If I am blaming anyone its Ubisoft and the Retailers that didnt at least acknowlege that there date was nolonger valid. I keep getting told that this was the way of things in november. The point I keep trying to make is that I never found that information till after febuary when the retails said the date was canceled. Most info on the net kept the March 5th date. Personally I was never aware that a retailer could put up a untrue date without legal recourse. It seems unfair that the publisher cant stop stores from posting untrue dates. All of
  5. Yeah after making my prior post I had found some articles saying the same. However all of that is speculative maybe later this year maybe this Dec, maybe March 2014. The simple fact is till Ubi says otherwise this game is going no where. Personally I am canceling my preorder and moving it over to Defiance. If I re order the game it will be when it has a date.
  6. I can not seem to find the main article that claimed Ubi was "fixing" the game. I even pulled up my recent searches to try and find it to no avail. The article was published online on march 12th so if it was taken down this fast it must have had incorrect info. On your note about the release cant have been true, Everyone and everything I looked into when I got my pre-order in Dec said Marhc 5th was the release date. Retailers and the internet all said March5th At the point of the games sale in january I was reassured by my game stop the date was still intact. Also Bing and google Searches
  7. Thankyou for you input. Firstly I started this thread as the others have gnerally gone dark or devolved into other issues over this topic. Secondly I have never heard of this delay infro from November, also inversly as I stated up untill two weeks prior to launch the games relase date was set for March 5 thusly making talk of fiscal 2014 in novmeber meaningless. So when the game retuned to this prior deadline as you say it did I was suprised. I did discuss my perorder with my game store and have work that all out thankyou. Somthing I even admitted to myself in my post. (in reflect
  8. Does anyone know anything difinitive about when this game is coming out? Ubisoft is in no mood at all to tell anyone anything. And it seems every day when I go to look for more info about the game I just get worse projected news. I am now reading online and from game informer sources that its release date is set for anywhere between April 2013 and March 2014. I undedrstand waiting for the game, I know sometimes delays happen. However since canceling the March 5th release date two weeks before hand I have heard no new projected release date. I am really uncomfortable with a preorder that is twi
  9. I Question the April release date as nothing offical has been announced and most games come out on a Tuesday. However if true about damn time. Even if it does suck massive balls as I will be very busy with defiance at that point. I personally would just love some offical word. I am sick of hersay dates and "supposed" reasons for this lawsuit between SPS and UBisoft over this game. I would ove some real actual factual info. No one is giving me that, which is my way of saying I understand your pain. But I feel stealing time and money is a bit much. If you ask me the money isnt really tied up eit
  10. I am starting to seriously wonder about the release of this game. I have preordered it and waited anxiously, but it seems now every time I check into its release the news sounds worse. First Feb, then march, then April-May, and now my Game Stops says "Hopfully mid summer.". Then to read in a interview with Ubisoft from the Canadian Finacial Post that " Some of our internal studios will be taking a look at the RPG game before it ever sees the light of day." Makes this game seem more and more of a "if" and not a "when" can I please get a answer about this lawsuit? Will this kill, free it, or fre
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