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  1. I think kotor 2 was better but it did not fell complete if they had tied up the loose ends i would have loved it . The characters in k2 were better in my opinion.
  2. I know no one remebers me our cares I've just been too busy to post... lurked of course Anaway I thought I'd inform you that I've found out that some one has reserved the domain www.kotor3.com I don't know if it's lucasarts but I thought it was interesting.
  3. Assuming there wil be a KOTOR 3 and that the develpors will be Obsidian Entertainment;let's put all our suggestions here for KOTOR 3 on this post. Who knows IF it happens this mayhelp Obsidian get some good ideas. P.S. Please be reasonable
  4. I know im crazy P.S. ignore mmh what?
  5. SORRY I said it was just an annoying feeling, not that it was based on any logic whatsoever
  6. Hi I just have this sneaking, annoying feeling Revan will turn out too be the masked sith lord. Don't ask me why its just a gut feeling...
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