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  1. I just wanted to say, one of my most anticipated features of this game is housing and the stronghold. It just adds a greater depth perception to the game, I really can't wait to play it! Top that off my mouth dropped when I seen the pre-download for 20gig! Geez ,well there is some good gaming goodness ahead! Thnx for the hard work devs, as you this is a genre I have always hoped would one day be produced again.
  2. Some people with slow connections would want to start pre-loading now. Especially if the alternative is them going to sleep and starting pre-loading in 8 hours. That's pretty much it I think... Pretty much this, I NEVER posted here till now, I have waited , watched and more, it would be nice to have it loaded like reg purchases. Kinda sucks but I will live sure.
  3. Other kickstarters need to follow your example, you guys come out with awesome information even when sometimes it's meh, this particular update is very interesting thou so thank you!
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