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  1. I also am at the last step with needing to convince Duran of Magran/Woedica working together, and I don't have enough options to do so. I have exhausted the entirety of his dialogue tree, from what I can tell. Here's my save file, so you can tell me if I just am failing to see what needs to be done, or if there's a bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vu3gt3j1bgs125/fdad894130824eb7b2fd03d2d0b1503d%2019428834%20Brighthollow.savegame?dl=0
  2. You gave Kana the beetle items too? I lost those and a spider-summoning item on him. I didn't have a save to go back to... I don't want to use the console, since I want to keep achievements enabled.
  3. I have had this same glitch. I lost a number of unique quick slot items on Kana, namely multiple summoning items that can't be regained. Obviously there's the console, but I would like to get achievements. I unfortunately didn't notice until I was past a recoverable save.
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