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  1. maybe you have an encumberance stat which light armor and weapons have low amounts of. lower it is, higher your chance of executing an extra hit and speed stat could also be contributing to this and would alleviate some of dexterity value issues though something like this would be a major change to existing system
  2. switching weapons is not a free action. you might as well be using and reloading your best gun
  3. "If you cast a spell and no combatant has a lower Init than your spell, it goes off at the beginning of the next round AND will eat up your caster's action for that round. " i had this happen too. made casters very bad in my eyes. also i paralyze/knock down someone, their turn comes and its dispelled immediately. whats the point of these cc?
  4. if gonna be implemented please make this a sprint ability rather than automatic dip into action pool since movement sometimes acts iffy already
  5. name comes from Louisiana Fighting League, LFL for short. It's a fighting game (think Tekken) based on PoE universe. They are gradually revealing the base roster
  6. playing an rpg in 10 minute chunks would be slow as hell. please reconsider that option.
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