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  1. Only people playing before us are press reviewers. But pre-order people get to pre-load, which is a pretty important feature to some people. (Quite a lot really). ... how? What does pre-loading do other than give you the jimmies? I have very slow internet, so if I'm not able to preload before I go to bed tonight I won't have it downloaded before it releases. Not a big deal, but still kind of a bummer.
  2. I quite like the unnamed lizardfolk, but as for the UI...I'm not liking it. Obviously a lot of it is placeholder, but the artwork itself seems out of place. Wood grain background with pillars book ended by a couple statues for no reason. Wasted space that could be used for more function. In addition it has a very harsh dividing line along the top border, which is for some reason a sort of punched or bolted metal which clashes with everything else and makes the contrast in theme stand out even more. I mean you have the gorgeous background with a nice waterfall and bridge and all that, then this blatant "THIS IS A DIVIDING LINE" followed by something that was put together by a committee and lacks cohesion and singular focus. What sort of baffles me is that it feels like its taking up so much space, and yet its still so cramped that I couldn't tell you what was going on. Assuming the icons under the far left portrait are buffs/debuffs; they seem far too small to be able to react to with any certainty. I see some good ideas in there, but I see too many different ideas clashing and covering up each other. It needs to flow organically, as lame of a suggestion as that sounds I don't really know how to describe it any other way. Perhaps have a few people throw a design out and then pick one. Just don't pick and choose parts from each one. Also, as personal preference I prefer text on the left.
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