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  1. From what i can see, Perception, intellect and resolve are the big ones, but I don't know how much they overlap/are necessary. Ignoring combat prowess, what class(es) would be good for having lots of delicious dialogue options?
  2. Pretty much my reaction. Obviously I'd like him to charbuild in a direction I find 'cool', but I'm pleased he'll have a fresh perspective on the game (I can't wait until he gets to the "bridgekeeper" - you know the one). I do want him to get accustomed to the UI more quickly, but other than that I've been pretty satisfied. However, what I will say is that the shorter videos format doesn't really suit me. Then again, democracy has spoken, so ... edit: backseat gaming is an inherent problem with let's play, in my experience. You might pull off a magistral stunt in a difficult part of the game, been masterful in navigating a difficult dialogue tree, nobody will discuss that element of a playthrough. Instead, everyone is going to complain about how you missed looting that one chest or how that offhand comment that is personal opinion is just wrong. Welcome to the internet, welcome to youtube, I guess?
  3. Oh come on. Arcanum is notoriously unbalanced, and I personally hate that the magic part of the game is so overpowered compared to the awesome steampunk devices one can make (what magic compares to the awesome sound of a tesla-coil top hat, or a flintlock pistol with silencer? (it's a useless gun, imo, but it's so cool). Let Avellone choose whether to go magic or tech or neither. Really, Avellone's problem right now isn't that he's underpowered, he's attempting to kill enemies that are beyond his reach. Most characters will have a hard time killing that pack of wolves. So get someone to teach him the world map and let's see what he does when he reaches the settlement. edit: that may come off as harsher than intended. My main point is: let's not give Avellone character build tips when one of the best things about Arcanum is its wide array of viable builds. It's one of the joys of discovering any new game: discovering the glorious skills and the crappy ones, creating a weird combination that shouldn't work but does. Except swimming. Worst skill in video game history.
  4. At this point I'm all but certain an npc called Virgil will meet a painful demise somewhere in project eternity.
  5. compromise: Tim Cain or someone else gives mr Avellone enough pointers to get to shrouded hills and that he really shouldn't try killing those wolves just yet? Otherwise, Cain sits besides Avellone for 30 minutes to serve as helpline in case of problems; after 30 mins are up it's a solo playthrough again.
  6. Google for the 1.1 patch, it removes the registration requirement. Also, make sure to download the right patch. I accedentally installed the US patch on my Eu installation and it stopped the game from working at all.
  7. I love Arcanum's soundtrack. Some of the themes are insidiously catchy and using minimalist chamber arrangements is something I have never heard outside of games based on Agatha Christie novels. It gives the world an atmosphere all its own that makes it feel distinct from any other game, and it's a soundtrack I can listen to outside of the game as well (and do, frequently). I also liked the Arcanum soundtrack very much. If you (or anyone else) want to listen to more similar music, I highly recommend this: http://www.gregbartholomew.com/suiterazindex.html Well, I like all the Arcanum soundtrack except Tarant_Sewers (maybe because I always die there?), the mian Soundtrack-Arcanum is my most favorite, and Soundtrack-Vendegoth made me so exciting when I fighting there.... It's funny. Just reading someone mention "arcanum main theme" (or something to that effect) makes me remind me that tune. I can recall it perfectly, which speaks to both its simplicity and beauty. Only a few other games' soundtrack are so memorable (Beyond Good and Evil springs to mind, as does Morrowind's main theme).
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