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  1. I thought at first that Eder was the only one kind of messed up in my save but I just realised that Aloth is too. My journal says he's the grandmaster of the Leaden Key even though in dialogue it aligns with the fact that he dismantled them, and his likes and dislikes seem to reflect this as he both likes benevolent authority but also independent thinking? Very weird. EDIT: I just realised Pallegina is bugged in the same way...the game half acknowledges that she was banished but her faction is still the Brotherhood of the Five Suns rather than the Kind Wayfayers.
  2. I am unable to move items from my stash into my inventory. It says that I have to be in a rest area, but I seem to be unable to rest anywhere either. I was able to put items into my stash when I was looting some bodies though.
  3. Would a ranger have to have an animal companion? I'm curious as to whether or not the bond with the animal and ranger is so close, that if the animal died, the ranger would die as well. Hopefully it would just entail a hit on the health as opposed to a kill.
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