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  1. I did sneak in the second floor, There sneaking did not work so I attacked and killed all guards, took all things and talked with Purnisc. Down again and kill all guards and the wizard. Up again and the bug manifests: while all locations in the south room were shown as searched, in the north room there were the same guards again, nothing was searched and Purnisc did not remember I visited him before. It looks like it's not breaking the quest, still a bug.
  2. I use steam but still vote strongly to give GOG users the patch at the same time. I would also be willing to upload on p2p so more people can profit. Gamers, unite It's not about Steam or GOG or whatever unless you make it so.
  3. And I thought, my party is to weak for these fights after the plague of insects stayed with them until they go down. Thx for pointing this out!
  4. Could you please give an explanation how to observe if there are too high stats or missing talents?
  5. I do not know if it is game braking, but after I hired my first guards for my keep and then loading the game, it can see now that they are "unpaid".
  6. Well, there are bugs in PoE that really frustrate me and if an update is not compatible with old savegames you will hear quite some rant from me But to blame the developers because no savegames were used in 33 hours... Well, as I said: the developers may be responsible for the bug, but every gamer is responsible to use save games often when they are provided. That said: isn't there a game mode with only one automatic save game? In that case the developers should really think about using at least three save games internally to be able to revert back to a previous one if the main one get's corrupted.
  7. Sadly you do not seem two basic concepts in live 1. Humans were never and are not capable of building, constructing or otherwise creating things without errors, bugs, weaknesses. They simply can't do that. 2. While an error/bug/weakness might be the responsibility of the creator, the user is responsible for how the error impact their lives. Examples: You can parachute without an emergency parachute relying only on the main parachute. No sane parachutist will do that because there live depends on it. You can go scuba diving without a partner, because your gear is not allowed to ever fault. You can live in a city without insurance for burglary. While we all know that burglary is illegal it still happens. An insurance helps you to fend of the worst consequences. You can have sex without protection because your partner should not be infected with any disease. You can not have any backup of you computer. You can play a computer game that was just released and never use the save game option, relying on the god-like powers of the developers to create the first bug free game ever. You can do all that, blaming others when it goes wrong. But you miss the important point: YOU take the consequences. You and you alone. It's your time, your live, your property. The developer gave you normal save games, quick save games and auto save games. It is your fault you did not use these insurances. It is our fault alone that you lost your only save game: not only a quite possible bug in a newly released game can cause this, but power loss, computer virus, defect hard disk, lightning strike and much more. Fact is: you rely seriously on others that they are perfect and make no error and then blame them for this impossible feat. What exactly are you trying to achieve with such blaming? My advice: learn to take responsibility and learn to use the insurances people give you (in this case for free). You will lead a much happier life. And in case you ever go parachuting or scuba diving it might save your life.
  8. When I use the german localization many weapons get names like "Intellekt +1" instead their real name. See screenshot...it's weird http://eris23.com/german_names.jpg I also cannot upload pictures here. I tells me "Error No file was selected for upload"
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