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  1. Wow, love this whole concept! Just wanted to specifically back two things: 1. Loved the suggestion that major monsters we slay during the game can be mounted/stuffed/hung in our stronghold as prestigious decorations! Dragon skull fireplace? Stuffed Minotaur statues? Goblin throw-rugs? Caged Epic Sparrow of Evil? Muchos Awesomeness! 2. Would it be possible to add support for optional text-based companion adventures, a la Space Rangers? I'd LOVE to be out adventuring, have a little notification that my at-base companion has set out on an adventure, and be able to guide them through it if I chose! What an incredible avenue for deeper storytelling without needing to tie up artist resources, for those who want it! Even if you could just leave the code hooks in so this could be modded in later would be a serious win! In closing, me heart you long time, keep up the great work!
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