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  1. I'm replying to endorse this post, pulling one enemy from a group of multiple enemies, even when one of those enemies is a challenge for my party, almost always feels out of place and gamey. Inexperienced players, or players who just aren't looking for that kind of challenge in a game will probably end up pulling, whether subconsciously or not, and if you ask if they enjoy having pulling in the game they will almost certainly say that they do, as that's how they've learned to play the game and it is how they continue to play and enjoy the game. I personally cannot pull one or two enemies into a large group of heroes to get wailed on without have post-traumatic WOW flash-backs =p. Perhaps pulling could be an option you could choose in order to keep both gruops happy, although that would contribute to option bloat. Alternatively you could have the ability to pacify large groups to allow pulling single enemies as a kind of spell or psionicist ability. Allowing fragile groups of casters, rogues, and rangers to be able to take large groups of enemies as proficiently as groups of warriors and paladins who can take more damage. Not that I'm aware of how the game's balance will pan out in the end, mind you.
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