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  1. When it comes to crafting, I don't think we should be borrowing from combat because crafting and combat are really two different animals. I have seen that in motion before and crafting combat doesn't have the same level of spectacle as combat with swords and spells. Well maybe if you forged swords by throwing them at dragons well ridding wolves, but that wouldn't really be crafting. I think crafting works best when you play the roll of a monkey banging rocks together trying to figure out which ones make fire. Make it all about exploration. Finding new materials and then finding out what you c
  2. I'll toy around with this. A big part of the setting seems to be souls. Maybe we should craft with that. Different souls have different effects. The soul of a master thief would be a sneak enchantment the soul of a old mage would give a mana enchantment. Kind of like TES, but you wont be killing people to collect their soul. You take a impression of their soul and use that to craft your enchantment. You could take an impression from someone alive, or dead, in combat or out. You can even take a impression when talking to someone. The impression you get also is varied based on what the person w
  3. Dragon's dogma. I wanted to give this one some thought because it's doesn’t work and it's hard to describe why. It's again the 1+2=3 system that I so loved from arcanum so it should be just as good right? Well I already told you it doesn’t work and after a lot of thought I think I know why. It's completely insular. The system in arcanum fed off of the character creation system and then into every other aspect of the game. You had to invest skill points into your different skills and that kind of informed you about how cool crafting was. Dragon's dogma doesn’t have any skills that relate to cra
  4. You bring up a lot of good points about crafting, but I'll only talk about one of them so I can keep this post short. Setting plays a big role in how crafting gets implemented. Arcamum is a setting about the emergence of science and the player gets to play a part in that through their own inventions and creations. Fallout 3 is about taking the ruins of the old world to invent a ironic new world. Again you do exactly that through crafting. Ditto with dead rising 2, it's about seeing the trappings of every day life changing into killing weapons. These settings all work really well with craf
  5. Crafting is a pet mechanic of mine, so I want to get in on this. I'll start by saying that the best crafting system I have experienced is Arcanum’s. It was simple and I think that's why it worked so well. Each recipe only needed just two items, and that allowed you to start crafting literally instantly. You could craft 4 or 5 things in the first 2 maps if you had the right skills. Latter on the system would totally brake the economy, but the game didn't really use money as a way to balance things, so I didn't brake the game just the bank. Tided for the best crafting system is the one i
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