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  1. Looks really wonderful to my eyes, the artistic direction for this game is showing itself to be just lovely; I can see myself becoming really immersed in this world if the rest of it is on par with what has been shown. As others have said the characters do look a little "floaty," but i think a static screenshot like this does probably acentuates that effect a bit. Love the toned down yet still somewhat stylized look the armor has to it, and glad to hear color customization is in. As a side note, the cloak-less avatars makes we wonder if there are still plans to try and implement cloaks, or if that just ended up not working out . . . also: weapon sheathing?
  2. So from the mention of cloth physics and the model on display, can we infer that visible cloaks as an equipable item are in? I'm not sure if this has been confirmed elsewhere, but it is something i have been hoping for. My ranger character just wouldn't be the same without a cloak. . . (ideally a hooded one ), and this is something that all too often is absent from rpg's. . .
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