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  1. Name: Rikk Kabriik


    species: human(half werewolf)


    Class: Assassin/Rogue


    Weapons: Crossbow, 2 Black Dirks from the Guild of Shadows, Throwng Knves


    Skills: immune to all deseases. extremely luck, extremely fast and silent.


    Appearence: dark clothing and a black duster that goes over his mouth and nose. Blue/Green eyes shortish black hair and a Guild of Shadows tattoo on his left arm.


    Background/misc.: Rikk was an assassin for the Guild of shadows untill they killed his best friend Tethrum. He left the guild abubtly and never looked back. He now is a freelance merc who loaths the rich and powerful. he also has a strong embedded hatrid for all evil creatures (werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc) He is currently dealing with the fact he is now half werewolf and might become full werewolf if he cannot stop the curse.




    who are you?

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