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  1. ok, i have a forum i am working on, but to do a skin i need to do css code. i dont do coding.... lol. :"> i was wondering, (seeings as this forum is the same type as mine) if anybody knows how to change the logo bar. and how to find some skins for it....

  2. I have a really nice laptop, but it keeps freezing. All of my techie friends say its either windows xp media center or my video card. I really hope its not the latter. My video card is a NVidia Geforce 7600 GO and i havent downloaded the latest drivers yet because my internet is slow and it would take 8 hours. and my dial up disconects about every 2 so i am pretty much screwed. I have to keep starting all over. My laptop usually freezes when i am playing games or watching movies.


    any input would be helpful... :p

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