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  1. I’d like to see all moral absolutism go the way it does in real life. Fail, and hard. I mean, who actually believes they’re a bad guy? Doesn’t just about everyone think they’re the hero? Most villains of history certainly thought they were following the righteous path. This makes the archetypical Paladin just another kind of antagonist. A man of such purity of vision that the world will never measure up to it, so he punishes the world. As for roleplaying a Paladin, well, what does that even mean? Moral absolutism? Yeah, good luck dealing with anything more complicated than Sauron threatens babies. Blind devotion to a faith? Do you know how hard it would be to really represent that in a game? To really provide that option? It can’t be done, not without building a game around it. Just being a really good guy? Well that shouldn’t be all that hard. Avoid kicking puppies and your set. What actually is a Paladin? Besides a guy in shiny armour.
  2. Definitely for! I’ve actually played games were I very specifically arranged the quest to give me the maximum amount of things to kill. I didn’t feel like a character making decisions. I felt like some strange God of Experience Gain that needed to be sated. Make the negotiator as viable as the genocidal, omnicidal maniac! Make the sneak thief, with his eye on the prize as viable as the attention deficit dismemberer!
  3. Personally I’m not a big fan of non-lethal options. Most of them don’t make any sense (what do they put in those tranquilizers? Because it knocks everyone down with perfect reliability and no risk of overdose.) Or they’re just really impractical (you can take a guy down with a choke hold. You cannot take fifty guys down in a row, in an hour, without any coming to, fighting you off or managing to sound an alarm.) This isn’t just about that most fickle beast called realism, but more about consistency. It all too often feels like human biology is being selectively altered just to allow a pacifist run. I’m also not big on it as far as morality goes but I admit that my philosophy of ‘sometimes you just got to kill people’ isn’t for everyone. I just find that knocking people out is harder than killing them. If I can resolve the threat without ever having to take a life, then the threat wasn’t all that threatening. Imagine the Fellowship painstakingly knocking out every single ork because they might not all be evil. Or James Bond having to evacuate every building before causing it to spontaneously explode like they’d plastered it with nitro-glycerine.
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