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  1. Removed for violating the forum guidelines. ~ Gorgon.
  2. She rolled a 1 for kali yuga. https://youtu.be/XH3mEdFBiO0
  3. Yeah, police aren't going to track your phony package for you, and I doubt the average person would want to stalk a thief they just punked to get their phone back. It wouldn't go over well, unless the thief was a kid or old lady. https://youtu.be/50F9906QzII A really cringe but telling view at freemasonry, from their pov.
  4. Well, Americans have always loved celebrity. Even de Tocqueville notes it in his letters. https://youtu.be/obFPLRuP41w The **** show would feed a small country.
  5. No president I know of has been voted out during a war, so that might be part of it, but Iran lives rent free in every neocon's brain. Funny how the more we try to make desert world western, the more like desert world the west becomes.
  6. Its still a word salad. You don't need to say he's a pressure-release and liar in so many words. Where do his motivations lie, would you like to be specific? He was however elected to fulfill those terms, regardless of anything agreed behind the scenes - he was elected to build a wall, deport, and pull out of the middle east, and whether you think his supporters will hold him to that in 2020 is just your opinion. I suspect they will abandon him, and that does matter to his reelection, because even if we all take for granted democracy is a farce, the farce matters to a watching public, who want to feel they pull the levers. A valid concept? My god mate, you know what banter is right? This is still the internet, even if there must be a pretense at decorum, or is this a uni lecture and words aren't allowed? A tarbaby is an unsolvable problem that only becomes worse, and sandpeople explains itself I think. I'm pretty sure you know what I mean, especially when taken with the surrounding context, which was the middle east is unsolvable. The United States have amply supplied these kurds with the means to stand, and that was not even our motive to be there in the first place. We created ISIS to sow chaos and topple Syria as we had Lybia and Egypt, and to draw Iran into a war. I'm willing to bet we're pulling out of Syria, just to hit Iran directly next year.
  7. I never said deified, I said they aren't worthy of my aid or my countrymen's blood. Again, if these proxies wish to continue, then they can. Let them manifest their will. That's war. any lay person Why do you spin the narrative like this? As if appealing to authority is any refuge for this argument. I don't know when you began paying attention, but resistance to involving ourselves in further sandpeople tarbabies isn't a high-low struggle. You'll find plenty of non "laymen" agreeing the middle east is unsolvable and the occupation exhausting if you just look. There must be a missing comma. He was elected to clear out, and he does owe his electorate that, or he isn't getting reelected. He does not, on the other hand, owe kurds a thing for the mistakes of previous administrations tying themselves to police duties a world away.
  8. Morality doesn't hold middle eastern coalitions together, and the kurds are by no means a worthy or moral people. Trump was elected to not only build a gigantic wall, but to leave Israel's wars to them to sort out. Neither of which he's even tried to fulfill, outside the twitterverse and blaming somebody else.
  9. Dandy, so let them confederate by their own will to power, or die trying. Not our problem. Meanwhile, https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/u-s-military-preparing-for-a-full-withdrawal-of-its-forces-from-northeastern-syria-11545225641 Anyhow, Syria was only an excuse to expand the war on ter' to Iran. It wasn't rooted in an actual conflict at all, but grown out of somebody's ennui in the state department. There are other paths to Tehran, but this one went nowhere.
  10. If Syrian kurds want a state, they can make one then, or die trying. Not our fight at all. https://archive.is/nbsXf When the people are extremists, and governments dindu nuffin.
  11. You mean the very people who've been waved as an excuse to stay in this desert or that, but who have no political or racial will to accomplish a homeland they supposedly crave? There are so many types of Kurds, many even fight each other because they do not agree. This is typical: a foreign power drops in, gives them guns to fight somebody, leaves them behind with all the guns, they choose to fight each other instead of die forging a polity unto themselves. Still have my doubts this is happening, but the SDF allegedly said it is: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/kurdish-forces-confirm-us-and-french-forces-began-withdrawal-from-east-syria/ Its like an ATF honeypot busted by the FBI in a sting, and nobody told the undercover sheriff's deputies the feds were busting in.
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