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  1. I am experiencing this issue as well on OS X. I do believe that I saw the effect come back for a short while then stopped appearing again, felt more like a fluke that it was suddenly shown.
  2. And that is why kids must stay in school and drink their milk!
  3. I think it comes down to that everybody is right in this thread. I think people are kinda discussing different topics regarding programming. You need to know academic stuff. You need to program a lot and often do more than uni makes you do. All courses in Uni are not good. All the thinks you can teach yourself are not going to be right or correct. And yes, professors often get out of touch with industry standard programming. But they sure do know their (pseudo) algorithms like the back of their hands. To reach the industry standard of programming skillz you need to practice and practice -
  4. Just to comment on this, this is purely a case to case situation and I wouldn't be so quick to generalize "university courses" in such a broad sense. Unis aren't perfect and of course I've had classes that were supposed to be fun (like a course in constraint programming) that turned out to be a pile of garbage, but then there are the courses that really taught me a lot of advanced theory as well as providing extremely fun programming challenges and tasks (like a course in cryptography. Which by the way is a field which is quite hard to enter on your own but extremely useful and rewarding.).
  5. I do not agree with people saying that you don't learn programming from school. To some extent that is true that you can learn the language on your own, but your skills are definitely honed in school. Since there are a lot of ideas of computational efficiency and mathematical theory behind game development I would not be so quick to reject academic pursuits for developing your programming skills. Most of the people I've met that have been the really good programmers/problem solvers have all come from a good academic background and have a firm understanding of advanced topics in math, computer
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