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  1. Building a bit on what Darthdraken mentioned above, having to actually have your armor fitted for your character might be another way to make life difficult for the player (I mean that in a good way mind you, hardship builds character). After blasing some poor fellow with a fireball and pelting him with arrows his armor and items are likely not in the best of condition, and you would have to be extrodinarily lucky that the armor he wore fits you like a glove. What I would propose is that you can wear the armor (I assume that most adventueres can do a bit of fitting on the fly) but until yo
  2. I suppose I'll just add mine and duck before the chair hits me - I would personally prefer if money was difficult to get hold of. Limited money supply at a given vendor seems more than reasonable. (Who would carry 5000 gp around? Really, you are just asking to be robbed!). That said I don't think that putting a hard cap on what could possibly be earned in a chapter (to use Baldurs Gate terms) is a good idea. So I fully support the idea that vendors would after a given time have restrocked their supplies and money. - A thing I particularly liked about Baldurs gate, and later games
  3. This may be a bit used, particularly considering that almost all of us would have played Baldur's Gate, but still: A god of murder. The god of murder who's position has been usurped and changed over the many years. As the story is told now, the former lord of murder saw his chance to rise to new heights but to achieve this he needed followers - particularly strong followers, someone that people would fear. Men and women who would force peasants and lords alike to fall to their knees at bedtime, praying to him that the god should not find them wanting. Growing in power and confidenc
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