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  1. Let's all be be honest.. We'll never see character models with backpacks. And for a reason; it would look stupid and ridiculous with your party wizard lugging around two extra suits of plate mail, three halberds, 42 daggers and a cat while throwing spells and and high tailing it from a pack of burnt orcs. I say make the inventory endless. Endless you say? Yup, give the protagonist a Bag of Holding at the very start (maybe a special talking one?), and make the inventory of individual characters limited to what the can strap on, wear and carry in their hands. This makes potion belts, throwing knife bandoleers and cool stuff like that actually important, and enables the game devs to actually make each item's encumbrance effect realistic, while allowing the party to lug around loot (which we do want now, don't we). Then, only allow the Bag to be opened when out of combat so the party doesn't have an endless supply of healing potions and other 1-use items (maybe the Bag is a coward or shy, or it requires a stationary surface to be attached to). Makes inventory management a lot more strategic and fun, I would imagine. And if someone actually wants to use a backpack and let one of the NPC's be the party mule? Let them. Make fetching items from it during combat take a while, and make it restrict that player's combat ability, but make it a viable choice a player could make. Sort of lets you have your cake and eat it too.
  2. Very good post, btw. Hmm, even though the game can use sophisticated math to calculate hit and damage probabilities and potentials, we should take into consideration the players perception on a system. They need to be able to differentiate the different type of armor and evaluate them without needing to resort to math. Flat percentages are pretty good, relative percentages bad, I agree there. Though I prefer a bit more basic approach. Damage Reduction counted in points is more intuitive than percentages, IMO. Generally the lower the range of the numbers you need to compare, the better. That's the only reason I liked THAC0 - it used numbers that usually ranged from 10 to -10, giving the player a clear average-ish good (0), and pretty big steps. D&D 3rd, like many know, gave players stats potentially into the hundreds - god awful. A variant and maybe an improved system of piercing / slashing / crushing would do the trick? You could have a graded system of DR like so: Piercing §-------------X------------§ Crushing ..where the X marks where on the scale a weapon lies. Then you could have armor that gives DR in two numbers: Damage Reduction: 4 / 9 (4 against pure Piercing, 9 against pure Crushing) So, a weapon like this: § ---------X------------------- § ..that lies in the middle leaning towards piercing (say, a shortsword), would yield a DR of about 6 against the armor. Combine this with a personal favorite of mine: Exploding / Penetrating dice for damage, and we're on a roll. Using that kind of damage ranges, you would see some occasional hits that penetrate the DR even from weak weapons, without it becoming a crit-only event. Make the armor count towards a general encumbrance capacity (EV, calculated not only from weight, but also size, shape and general portability, and in the case of armor, freedom of movement), and make that affect all the fore-mentioned, and I think that would be quite agreeable. Many of the minor inconveniences, like penalties to pick-pocketing or spell casting while wearing oven mittens could be included in a list and general assessment when clicking on the EV value in the corner of the inventory screen - not included into the item description.
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