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  1. As an aside, I really like the idea of allowing armor to have widely variant aesthetic choices to please different players. Things like ridiculously skimpy female armor, ludicrously huge pauldrons that go above the head, or everything-is-brown coloring may be what some people want, but I don't like them. Could we please have aesthetic choice without having to ditch great armor stats or even whole armor classes?
  2. I agree. As I see it, an attack should be checked in stages: A) Did it even hit? (If not, zero damage) B) If it hit, did it hit the armor? (If not, lots of damage) C) If it hit the armor, did it glance off? (If so, low/zero damage) D) If it did not glance off, did it pierce through or bludgeon the defender anyway? (depends on armor type) Armor stats should have stats for this full sequence, imo. Absolutely. For they purposes of simply not being killed when hit by a lance, it is reasonable that there should be no armor as good as a good chunk of metal between you and the lan
  3. My system is similar, so I'll piggy-back on this. I think it does need to be slightly more complicated, because you are skipping the dynamic of forcing glancing blows and that different weapons do damage differently (assuming we have a system that allows for bludgeoning/piecing/whatever). Let me preface this by saying I understand that complexity is not always preferable, but I think armor systems are generally overly simple as a holdover from pen and paper gaming where simple is more necessary. Basically, rather than using critical hits, you should use a variable DR. That is to say, depending
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