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  1. If item repair is meant to curb the currency accumulation that will occur for players who don't invest in the stronghold, then where does that leave players who do invest in the stronghold? Item repair will be mandatory, unlike the stronghold. Will stronghold investors be scrounging around anywhere they can for currency, then? My thoughts from RPG Codex, revised somewhat:
  2. This is some of the best Internet braggadocio I've seen in a while. Did you frame the certificate? I really need to know. As a certified genius, perhaps you should apply the force of that intellect to winning this argument properly rather than with logical fallacies, personal opinions, poorly concealed self-aggrandizement and desperate equivocation.
  3. That's odd. I'm all grown up, and I have a desk, an office chair, a tower PC, and mouse and mouse pad. Even stranger, I can sit down and use that computer for seconds or minutes at a time if I choose to. I was unaware that grownups are required to sit on couches and use laptops, I'll get on that immediately.
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