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  1. I agree, Easter Egg or hidden! Loved the update! Was giggling and laughing out loud a lot. Thanks!
  2. If you aren't a member of the OOoE yet please read the first post of this thread and ask Farudan if there are any open quesitions left. Umm, have to think about that. I'm on too many forums as it is. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I love turn-based games. Either single or team. If it isn't turn-based it has to have some means of pausing whenever I want it to. My thinking and reaction times aren't what they used to be.
  4. Ahh, hi everyone. Finally managed to get through the sign-in stuff. I did do a large donation by the way. What's this thing about titles and shields? I must have missed something somewhere. *puzzled*
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