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  1. Well sounds nice... really. First I thought" Yeah, finally I can Play a Monk with light and/or no armor equipped with a sword"... fists against Dragons an demons are always a Little ridiculous (like smuggler with his barenaked fists against big-battle-droids in SWTOR) But then I read further and then it came--- U can equip a melee weapon but ist better to be without.... U can wear Plate but it is better beeing naked... Well that is not Play as u want--- it is more--> "that´s the way the Monk is meant to play--- if U want to Play it otherwise do it but U will be less powerful less efficient and U will die-- often--- have fun with your choice! Feel free to Play an often dying noob..." Actually this are neither bad News nor good... it´s just like every casual RPGame always was. I hoped U would set a new higher Benchmark. in that case I would prefer a Talent System which regulate and Balance decisions out. For example: putting skill points in sword mastery makes my attack as fast as fists and putting sill Points in fists increases damage like wielding a sword That means every playstyle of the Monk is the same mechanic and damage Output and so on... but I REALLY can CHOOSE how i want to equipp and Play my Monk.... Just my 2 Cents... So long
  2. Don´t know if CO-OP is already on the shedule. So will there be CO-OP-campagne or will the mainstory be co-op-able?
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