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  1. I really hope they consider their timeschedule again properly. After all the promised contents and features I rather fear quality will suffer a lot if they squeeze the gamedevelopment into these prior announced 18 months. They should rather take some months more for a real high class game than an low quality buggy game because of time shortage. And now they don't even have a pushing publisher sitting in their neck. I think most people would understand and see it in a same way. Since the community is kind of responsible on their own for multiplying the pile of work with the pledges ;-) Some Mon
  2. Would be nice if only a little bit more than half of the people who backed on kickstarter would also like on fb. Wasn't that announced there aswell? With them we easily should have already reached the 40k. I am also no big fan of facebook and or liking something but I did for the sake of the game. Actually this is my one and only like at all. I think there is no big difference between the already existing workload and the one just adding one level more. )
  3. I think I am kind of update addicted now XD I really like the new dungeon artwork, but still there is the bitter feeling not seeing the statue in total... And I doubt with the slow progress of the 40000 facebook likes we are still able toachieve the Level 16. Anyway does someone know how long this will be possible? I don't even know if one more level would be enough for the completion considering the proportions. Yes I know we will get a lot of other stuff. But in my opinion, I think this also a kind of rpg player habit trying to achieve perfection ;-) Nevertheless I really enjoy every b
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