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  1. The big revelation was a surprising twist, sure, in that I certainly didn't predict it, but it wasn't an effective one. The motivation behind the engwithan manufacture of their counterfeit gods falls flat for me; a civilization that was (with the exception of its skill at animancy) less advanced than modern Eoran civilization proved the nonexistance of god(s) with such certainty that it altered the course of their civilization and the world... so we're dealing with a civilization that learned how to prove a negative (a logical impossibility) before it mastered metallargy, or chemistry, or inve
  2. Why aren't you happy? The backer didn't get screwed. Isn't that what you wanted? I am not happy that he changed it but since he was not really under pressure i am totally fine with it. Also I am glad to hear Obsidian left him with the choice. So yeah I fine with this decision. Same, especially this replacement limerick being a well-deserved mockery. That said, while I am fine with what was done, I am disappointed that anything was done in the first place (->twitter promises). If a random "I am offended" twitteroo can slap Obsidian into action despite entire outrage being bas
  3. It was obviously taunting and therefore innocent. I read it on Kotaku.
  4. Hm, strange, I ran into this issue myself - but ragekilling Verzano after the fight worked, quest updated/completed just fine. I have no idea whether paladin becomes recruitable, though - haven't checked so far. There was something strange about the attackers as well. I tried to gather remains from the corpse of a woman who commanded the rest, but got a window with... no loot. Clicked "loot all", then remains disappeared. I left the building, got back in and found interact-able remains with a bunch of coins in the same spot.
  5. Oh, I wasn't really arguing with you specifically, just tugging on a thread I thought was interesting. Incredibly, there's actually room for interesting discussion in this thread! We live in strange times, when a joke that I would ordinarily roll my eyes at and dismiss as being a little offensive (!) somehow provokes interesting discussion. Maybe that backer somehow IS a legitimate artist! It is hilarious, when you think about it. Imagine all those backers, trying to come up with something memorable, anxiously refining their ideas before submitting. Then, out of the blue, comes someo
  6. They are not - though would really, really like to be. Or, if we're not into binary things, they are slowly getting there. Luckily, it's slow enough so it's still possible and cost-effective to tell whatever Outrage Spreaders, in some kind words, to go to hell. ... ...unless someone would like to accomodate my grievances about PoE featuring not only killing a god (offending pretty much any monotheist with a concept alone), but also cultural appropriation. I mean, killing a peasant who claims to be god's messenger *with fire*? That's Joan of Arc all over again, with a man steal
  7. Why? Joke 1.0 is about a dead man with... some issues. Joke 2.0 would be about a dead racist. The real reason both conversations would indeed be happening is somewhere between "Twitter Drama" based on a false premise and companies caving in to dishonest clique that desperately needs media presence (predictable outcome). You are trying too hard to manufacture a difference - but still, at least you make more effort with your claim than anyone who initially decided Joke 1.0 was -phobic.
  8. The hell? When was it even established that epitaph in question was "transphobic" (or whateverphobic, given how idiotic language bending has become in this "controversy") in the first place? Some despicable fool "tweeting about it" is nowhere near "confirmation", I kinda hoped Obsidian hadn't lowered their standards so dramatically. Someone has slept with "a woman who turned out to be a man"? Could've been anything. He drank so much he didn't even notice. Or he got tricked by his male admirer with a disputable concept of consent. Or both. Or magic. Or aliens. Like... there's zero mater
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